What the real aliens would do about immigration

The headline atop the BDN’s homepage certainly grabbed my attention: “LePage says 8 ‘unaccompanied alien children’ put in Maine without his knowledge.” “Oh, my God,” I thought. “The federal government” — long suspected of hiding evidence of extra-terrestrial contact on secret bases in the Nevada desert — “has shipped the spawn of space creatures into […]

Park or plaza? Word choice and bias in Press Herald’s Congress Square coverage

As any good editor knows, words matter, especially when reporting on a controversial issue. For example, in covering the protests outside Planned Parenthood’s Congress Street offices, the media’s use of terms like “anti-choice,” “pro-life,” “pro-choice” and “abortion rights” can influence the debate and betray bias. Which brings us to the Portland Press Herald’s glaring editorial […]

In appreciation of a great American: Bobby Womack

This Fourth of July, let us celebrate and appreciate the life and legacy of a great American: soul singer Bobby Womack, who passed away last week at the age of 70. This is not an occasion for mourning. Given the notoriously high-flying, hard-touring life he lived, it’s amazing Womack made it into his seventh decade. […]

How Portland peninsula’s renters saved their park

The cover story of the first print issue of The Bollard, published in the summer of 2007, envisioned a day when residents of the Portland peninsula would throw off the yokes of their masters in the Deering neighborhoods and establish an independent city called Portinsula. Written in the wake of highly contentious efforts by Peaks […]

Timber: Portland’s natural resource (food) keeps growing

If Portland’s economy is still depressed by the Great Recession, you couldn’t tell by its restaurant scene. Local food sites like Portland Food Map report new places opening seemingly every week. With nearly every available commercial space suitable for restaurant use filled, gastro-entrepreneurs have gone mobile, trolling in their food trucks for vacant lots and […]

Forward Portland’s backward facts

Forward Portland, the political action committee formed to oppose the citizen-initiated effort to save and improve Congress Square Park, is revving up its propaganda machine ahead of the June 10 vote. On its website, forwardportland.com, the PAC has a section titled “The Facts” that’s worth exploring and debunking. First off, the PAC claims that if […]