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Chris Busby is editor and publisher of The Bollard, a monthly magazine about Portland. He writes a weekly column for the BDN.

How to be really scared this Halloween

As we get older, it gets harder to enjoy Halloween. Neighbors who were delighted to drop treats into your bag when you showed up, at age 8, dressed as Batman, have a very different reaction when you show up in a black mask, at age 38, demanding candy and threatening some unspecified “trick” if the […]

Who will supervise Portland’s super?

Before Portlanders choose between the two candidates for an at-large seat on the school board, they’ll first have to decide which school board they’re talking about. Is it the board that candidate Gene Landry describes, the one that has “a good handle on the budget,” where “everybody’s working as hard as they can” to put […]

Time to end Susan Collins’ confounding ways

The choice in this year’s U.S. Senate race is pretty clear to me. If Republican incumbent Susan Collins wins, civilization will tumble back into the Dark Ages and the world as we know it will be utterly destroyed. So I’ll be voting for Collins’ Democratic challenger, Shenna Bellows. I’m talking about global warming and, specifically, […]

Spose, Snowe, Steed, Strim and other stumpers

This week, I’ve resolved to clean out the mental junk drawer and examine the curiosities within, the odd questions that have haunted me off and on over the past few weeks. Starting with… 1. The whole Susan Collins/Spose/Alex Steed/Michaud-campaign-documentary thing. This is a real stumper. On one hand, I find it hard to believe that […]

Who would Jesus vote for?

This year’s voters’ guide in The Bollard asks the question, “Who would Jesus vote for?” It’s not as hard to answer as it seems. When one limits the questions to issues that were relevant in Jesus’ time and sticks to the accounts of his life in the Gospels, the answers are pretty clear. We covered […]

Portland’s superintendent smackdown

Portland Superintendent Emmanuel “Manny” Caulk got what can only and justly be described as a “smackdown” last week for trying to start an online-education program, run by a private corporation and paid for with public money, without the approval of the public. I don’t know what’s more disturbing: Caulk’s botched attempt to bypass the school […]

Life is better in the slow lane

The start of another school year seems an opportune time to introduce an idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile now. It’s more than an idea, really. It’s a way of life. With a little luck, it may even become a movement — a very slow movement. I call it “slow motoring.” The concept is […]

Cheryl Leeman for mayor?

I suspect we haven’t seen the last of Cheryl Leeman, the Portland city councilor who’s ending her three-decade run this year. She’ll be serving until her successor is sworn in a couple weeks after Election Day, but one refers to Leeman as a “lame duck” at their peril — she’s as fired up about what’s […]