Shipyard Brewing owner suckers media on benefit of TIFs

I certainly hope the editors at Maine’s second- and third-largest newspapers aren’t snickering about the Maine Sunday Telegram’s recent misstep — its publication of a front-page story about a drug addict who claimed, falsely, as we now know, to have been a Maine State Trooper. That’s because both the Lewiston Sun Journal (publisher of The […]

LePage’s refugee stance cowardly, traitorous

Gov. Paul LePage’s pronouncement this week that Maine will not accept any refugees fleeing the war in Syria is a de facto surrender to the terrorists of the Islamic State and a betrayal of the values that make America great. Terrorists, by definition, aim to terrorize people. Being craven cowards themselves, they slaughter innocents who […]

Portland vote leaves more questions than answers

This Election Day in Portland has left us with more questions than answers: How can Mayor-elect Ethan Strimling claim victory in a campaign that pledged to unite the city when almost half the Portlanders who voted wanted someone else for the job? Given that less than 37 percent of registered Portland voters cast ballots this […]

My choice for Portland mayor: Tom MacMillan

If I were casting a ballot in Portland next week, my first choice for mayor would be Tom MacMillan. The second mark on my ranked-choice ballot would be for Ethan Strimling. The third candidate in this race, incumbent Mayor Mike Brennan, has achieved some very laudable goals, including passage of a budget that continued to […]

Case of missing A.T. hiker far from closed

Contrary to what the Maine Warden Service and the media are leading you to believe, the case of missing Appalachian Trail hiker Geraldine Largay is far from closed. The discovery last week of skeletal remains believed to be Largay raises more questions about her fate than it answers. Largay, a 66-year-old retired nurse from Tennessee, […]

Ethan Strimling unifies Portland’s only Republican

On a graph of increasingly improbable events, I’d put Budweiser merging with Miller and Playboy dropping nude models before the most unexpected news of the week: former Portland City Councilor and Mayor Cheryl Leeman endorsing Ethan Strimling’s mayoral bid. In a letter to the editor in this month’s edition of The Bollard, Strimling calls Leeman […]

Old Port: a magazine or political action committee?

It’s funny. Just last week I was flipping through one of those glossy “lifestyle” magazines about Maine and wondering how their advertising salespeople get clients excited about each new issue. “Well, next month we’ve got a profile of another rich white person,” I imagined them saying, “an exclusive interview with another B-list celebrity who summers […]

Dead tweeting the Portland mayoral debate

The hip new way to cover big political events these days is called “live tweeting” — sending out short, often (one hopes) pithy, bulletins on Twitter every couple minutes or so during the debate, the convention, the concession, etc. The few times I’ve bothered to read this type of “reporting” I’ve found it frustratingly fragmented, […]

When drug warriors refuse to fight

Last Friday’s Portland Press Herald carried two stories from the front lines of the War on Drugs that every Mainer should read. The one on the front page involves the upper-middle-class suburb of Scarborough, where Police Chief Robbie Moulton announced a program to help addicts access treatment. Dubbed Operation Hope, the program was inspired by […]