In defense of the ‘old Yankee mentality’

Last week, a group of executives from companies that provide Internet service in Maine gathered in South Portland to complain that rural Mainers are too slow to demand high-speed Internet access. Charles Lawton — an economist, consultant and columnist for the Portland Press Herald, which ran a story about the meeting — said the  “old […]

Prosecuting dumpy properties

The most popular regular feature in The Bollard is, without a doubt, That’s My Dump!, in which we investigate derelict residential and commercial properties. And of all the faithful readers of that feature, I’m especially glad to have one in particular: Trish McAllister, an attorney who serves as the city of Portland’s “neighborhood prosecutor.” The […]

10 more incredible ideas to save Maine forever

In keeping with the tradition this column started last year, we begin 2014 by offering 10 more “Incredible Ideas to Save Maine Forever.” 1. When a scruffy young man in Monument Square recently presented me with a petition to ban baiting, trapping and hounding in Maine, I enthusiastically signed. No one likes to be baited, […]

The late holiday gift of the season

The late Christmas gift of the season is “Greetings from Area Code 207, Vol. 9.” It’s the kind of gift you can feel good about, maybe even good enough to erase the guilt of sending this present after the holiday. All proceeds from the CDs’ sale benefit the St. Lawrence Arts Center, a nonprofit performance […]

Portland is pregnant with another downtown

The only small thing about the controversial residential and retail development being planned for Portland’s Bayside neighborhood is the first letter of its name: midtown. It’s like a developer’s inside joke — propose to build four apartment towers, each as high as 165 feet, with two parking garages and two acres of space for restaurants […]

Fishing, and begging, in public

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for many people in my life. First and foremost, my family and friends, and all the small business owners whose support has kept my business, The Bollard, in business for another year. I’m also grateful for all the great writers, artists and photographers who contribute to my publication, but this year […]